Видео: Zoom H2n - Live Band Samples

Making a Piano Beat with Field Recordings (Zoom H2n and Maschine Mk2 Mikro)

Here is the Link to the whole song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1C4gB_4vC0 Today the weather was so nice, that i ...

Audio Comparison Test-iPhone vs. Zoom h2n

Your video is only as good as your audio. This is a comparison test between my iPhone and Zoom H2n. Song: Keane: ...

how to RECORD BETTER AUDIO - (for musicians doing video at LIVE shows)

How to record better audio is the topic of this Thursday's Tech Tip! The gear I recommend in this vid is: Rode iPhone Mic (super ...

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder Band Recording Sample

The Zoom H1 Handy Recorder is great for Band Recording. This video will explain how I use it and how it can sound when ...

SETUP How to record with the Zoom H2n for Keertan (live music)

An in depth tutorial on how to setup the H2n and position it correctly to get the best Keertan (live music) recording. Zoom H2n with ...

Spatial Audio Test with Zoom H2n Mic

For the full effect, use your smartphone with your headphones plugged in. Buy a Zoom H2n mic: http://amzn.to/24KfHtG My ...

ZOOM H2N - Portable, affordable AND Surround Sound recording at your fingertips!

The ZOOM H2N offers WAV & MP3 recording formats in both Stereo and Surround recording configurations. With 5 microphone ...

Field RECORDING, Creative SAMPLING and SOUND DESIGN in Ableton Live

This tutorial is showing one full chapter (four sections) from my latest long form course. This video focuses on field recording (with ...

10 Reasons I love the H2n

In this video I'll be looking at ten reasons I love the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder and why it's still in my tool box everywhere I go! 1.

audio recording comparison - Zoom H2 vs Zoom H6

For an updated version go here: https://youtu.be/fsc6Yr6HQNM Hello there, everybody! This is just a little comparison clip of how ...

Zoom H1 and H2 Comparison with Drums

H1 mic level should have been 15 to 40 on test. Anyway, hope this video helps. cheers! Drummer: Matthew Chong.

Zoom H2n Recording The Triple B Band Petersburg Va.

Live recording of Triple B Band in Petersburg VA. Andrade's International Resturant.Band had a high energy sound .With the lead ...

mary lou

Guitar: Yamaha FG-335 (c.1980) Camera: Fuji X100S Mic: Zoom H2N ------

Record Acoustic Guitar with the Zoom H1 + Basic Mic Placement Tips

Tutorial to get best results when recording Acoustic Guitar with the Zoom H1 microphone with Basic Mic Placement Tips.

zoom h2n acoustic guitar test

in which i compare the front XY mics of the zoom h2n to the rear one (side mic level off), recording my guitar. just messing around.

Zoom H2n recording Church Gospel Concert at Petersburg VA. 5/13

The Zoom H2n was used to record the Gospel Concert.It was set on the xy setting with auto gain.I was using a Canon T3 Rebel for ...

Zoom H2 vs Built-in Camera Mic (at band volume)

I'd recommend listening to this with good stereo headphones for the full effect. Just turn down the volume beforehand!


Holy wars drum cover by Jesus Castro. Hope you like it :)

Yellow Rainbow Ep. 9: The Zoom H2n, Field Recordings, and Final Episode Thoughts on Ambient Music

The final episode in a 9 part series on my ambient solo project, Yellow Rainbow. Field recordings have always been an important ...

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