Видео: Yumi and Ulrich Moments

Code Lyoko Evolution ♥ Yumi & Ulrich

Yumi alias Melanie Tran : @MelanieTranQuan Ulrich alias Quentin Merabet : @QuentinMerabet Ps : Excusez moi pour la faute ...

Ulrich kiss Yumi❤ Love story

Primo video edit su Ulrich e Yumi I miei personaggi preferiti di codelyoko Spero vi piaccia, buona visione Ps.la canzone é ...

Ulrich and Yumi - Wolves

Show: Code Lyoko Song Wolves by Selena Gomez.

Code Lyoko Kisses

I worked hard to find a site where someone would have hopfully re-uploaded it and i found it! Videogamer2006 (XLTwister) ...

CODE LYOKO ENGLISH - EP58 - The pretender

CODE LYOKO - EP58 - The pretender Hiroki's friend Johnny has a crush on Yumi. Shy and inexperienced with girls, he seeks ...

Yumi x Ulrich .:Moments~ Ayumi Hamasaki~:.

Hi! This time a video about the couple Yumi x Ulrich of Code Lyoko ^^. I love this couple and this japanese song, made by Ayumi ...

CODE LYOKO ENGLISH - EP20 - The robots

CODE LYOKO - EP20 - The robots XANA has taken control of the assembly line in the deserted factory. Hervé and Jeremy's ...

Yumi x Ulrich bad boy

hey sorry guys i haven't been making videos but school caught up with me. This is basically your typical yumi and ulrich video to ...

Hurt [yumi/ulrich]

im backk~~~~~ [after like months or so.] funny thing...my comp totally died on me and then i completely forgot about making ...

Yumi & Ulrich-Everytime We Touch

Yumi and Ulrich have always had that special bond. Disclaimer: I do not own Code: Lyoko or "Everytime We Touch"

Yumi ♥ Ulrich best friends?

Code Lyoko Evolution: Yumi et Ulrich Song: Best Friends Brothers Artist: Victoria Justice.

Yumi et Ulrich - Love Song

code lyoko evolution yumi et ulrich - dj matrix- nessuno ci dividerà.

Code Lyoko - Yumi Training

Yumi training herself, EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE, NEVER SEEN BE4!!!!

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