Видео: WCRA: HIJACK LEVEL 65, one run, 377 oil (HIMARS in action)

WCRA Hijack Lvl 65 CC7 and just for fun....(10,000ish oil!!)

I've been playing this map recently looking for a solution for cc7, but it's simply not viable for non-event units. It can't be completed ...

Wcra holly mountain level 65 2 run with 600 oil

Games war commander rouge assault The Arab union.

WCRA Obsolete Hijack Level 65 - CC6 (900ish Oil)

The introduction of splash damage exploitation into last weeks strategy brings a super cheap level 65 run for CC6. My alliance ...

WCRA Hijack lvl65 cc6 561 oil w Abrams m270 Rogue Assault

Thanks to Double Shot, tweaked from his strategy to accommodate my play style (ie easier). 1. Use only 1 Abrams, 10 m270 2.


War commander rouge assault strategy game.

WAR COMMANDER ROUGE ASSAULT - HIJACK LvL:65 One run with lowest gold blitz

Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android.

WCRA Hijack lv65 with New M270 and CC7 Platoon (minimum blitz, 4 minutes, 800-1600 oil)

Raptors and the one bottom M270 are not required, but highly recommended if your M270's offensive equipment are not fully ...

WCRA Obsolete Hijack Level 65 CC7 (800ish oil)

An increase in the health of some structures brings a slightly updated strategy based on my March video for Level 65 ...

WCRA Hijack lv65 fastest +cheapest Autorun with Himars

This is by far the cheapest and fastest pathing I have gotten with my own Himars. Notice that mine has neither maxed system ...

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